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This site is all about helping teach about Jesus and the wonderful gift that has been given to us!

I have developed bingo games to teach the Good News! No matter if this is for a class, Sunday School, or to use at home, there is a bingo game that will suit your needs.

This is a sister site of my main website Uncommon Courtesy. With more than 200 bingo games and concentration sets on my Uncommon Courtesy site, it seemed like the time to develop a few sites that focused on specific holidays or content areas.


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Announcing UCC's Bingo for Charities Program!

I am proud to support a number of charities. When you process your order, you will have the opportunity to assign 1$ of the profit from your purchase to one of the charities.  To see a complete list of participating charities, please visit uncommoncourtesy.org.

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I hope that you enjoy visiting bingoforchristians.com. If you don't see the set, game, or product that you are interested in, please email me from my contact page.


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